Planning Your Bridal Shower

Planning your bridal shower is one of the best parts of being a bride!

Planning Your Bridal Shower
Once you have a ring, the wedding is coming soon, so NOW is the time to throw the bridal shower. Planning one takes some time and know how to have a great, fun time for both the guests and bride.

So first a few pieces of etiquette and then the fun begins! A bridal shower should ideally be thrown about two months before the wedding (any later and it gets a bit overwhelming with all the other wedding details). The most important thing to remember is that it is the job of the maid/matron of honor and other bridesmaids to throw the shower! top ten online bingo

If a family member or the bride does it, it can look like they are asking for gifts. The exception is if the maid/matron of honor is a sister or cousin OR if a local family member helps coordinate for an out of town maid/matron of honor. top casino on the internet

Another important thing to remember is those invited to the shower should also be on the wedding guest list. And don’t forget the thank you notes!

When planning a bridal shower, the best ting to do is to first determine the basics: date, time, place and budget. If you are planning on having the shower at a location like a restaurant or hotel, planning early is very important because you will have to be sure the date and time are available at the location. For a shower that is held at a location, you will probably not have to come up with a major theme, beyond a color scheme as the planners at the facility can help you coordinate all the details flawlessly (without the Maid of Honor having to run around like a mad woman picking up flowers and food at the last minute!) us online casinos that take paypal

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As you can imagine, the facility can also help with making planning easier because they will combine location and food. Many hotels provide catering, confections and rooms for out of town guests. They can be slightly more expensive than holding it at a hall or relatives home, but in today’s super busy world, it’s worth considering for the time savings. One thing to keep in mind no matter where you hold the shower, when planning a menu keep in mind if the bride or guests have food allergies or dietary preferences. us blackjack casino

Here are some other fun ideas for bridal showers. Have a “on location” shower like a weekend at the beach or in the mountains. Don’t want to have an entire weekend tied up? Try a spa day for the guests or plan it as a wine tasting. Another fun idea is to make it activity oriented. Hire a local florist to teach flower arranging, or a chef to teach cooking tips. Combine the chef with a vintner and make it a class on wine pairings.

We LOVE our brides and if you are having a Tampa or Clearwater area wedding, we would like to suggest you have your bridal shower “at the spa!” From pampering to planning, food to fun, we take care of it all so you can have a wonderful time with your friends. Give us a call to find out more 1-888-Best-Spa! united states real money slots

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